In Canada, please contact your local Russell Food Equipment parts and service department in your province. A list can be found at for phone numbers.
For 1 year warranty work, please call 1-888-786-2403 (8:00 – 5:00 pm CST) and include the serial number and date.

For any Service Requests in the USA, please visit

For any general non-service information, please go to the Contact Us section of this website to send us an email.

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Free education support

by a Registered Dietitian

Implementing a new and improved meal service delivery can sometimes feel hard, especially for staff that has done meal service the same way for years. Change can have its challenges but with Suzanne’s help, she will help operators walk their way through this, in a straight-forward, common-sense method. Each SuzyQ cart sale comes with a personalized phone call from Suzanne, a staff education manual full of photos, stories, examples, implementation steps, as well as access to a webinar class taught by Suzanne. Suzanne is also available for teleconference call, Zoom calls if desired to help support the community at being successful with mobile meal service.

You will be nicely supported in your effort towards person-centered dining, by a Registered Dietitian who personally has implemented SuzyQ carts herself in numerous communities, and walked beside 1,000 communities.

Are you located in the USA?

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Have a question? Want to attend a webinar class? Email Suzanne