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The SuzyQ cart system was designed to eliminate most of the challenges in Long Term Care dining rooms. This system is now successfully used in many facilities throughout North America .

The SuzyQ cart system consists of carts with food or beverages on them, operated by both Nursing and Food Service staff. A cart is taken to each resident’s table, where the residents are informed of their menu choices. They are then served accordingly. Residents have control over what they want to eat and the quantity, because they are always asked first, before food is plated. This step alone, greatly reduces food wastage, which drives down costs. More importantly, the level of resident satisfaction increases dramatically, as they now have autonomy over their food.

Over time, in many facilities, SuzyQ cart system results in a slightly faster serving of food, because trips back and forth between the kitchen and resident are eliminated. There is also an added safety component of less likelihood of accidents by staff falling on a resident’s cane/walker as they hurry back and forth between the kitchen and the resident’s table, as The SuzyQCart eliminates these trips.

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